July 2019 ToxSci: Making Progress to Uphold a Record of Excellence

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toxsci_170_1cover.pngEffective with the July 2019 issue, Jeffrey M. Peters, PhD, is now at the helm of Toxicological Sciences, the Society’s official journal. As the journal transitions under this new leadership, its reputation of publishing leading toxicology research remains—with expectations of making the journal even more influential within and beyond the toxicological community in the future.

The beginnings of these changes appear in the July 2019 edition of the journal—Volume 170, Issue 1—which features a reimagined cover. The new cover prominently displays five words: Reproducible, Transparent, Impactful, Rigorous, and Timely. As Dr. Peters explains in his July 2019 editorial, this language was chosen “because these are important aspects of each article that need to be emphasized to not only reflect the quality of journal content, but also the values authors should incorporate in manuscripts prior to submitting for publication in Toxicological Sciences.”

Beyond the cover, there also are plans underway for the journal’s content, and some of these transformations are introduced in the July issue. Readers will notice a new article designation, Tox Spotlight, in place of the Editor’s Highlights. Tox Spotlight.PNGLook for the Tox Spotlight logo in the print edition, on the PDF article title pages, and next to article titles on the Table of Contents PDF. This month’s issue includes four Tox Spotlight articles:

Also included in the July edition of ToxSci are two Contemporary Reviews:

A Forum article, “Society of Toxicology Develops Learning Framework for Undergraduate Toxicology Courses Following the Vision and Change Core Concepts Model,” is also among the cutting-edge research featured in this issue of the journal.

In the coming months and years, ToxSci will continue to evolve under the leadership of Dr. Peters, whose vision for the journal preserves and builds upon the work of his predecessors and maintains a focus on serving the Society: “My goal . . . is to increase the stature, reputation, and recognition of the journal in the scientific community, in particular with the members of the Society of Toxicology.”

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