Nominate or Apply for the 2020 SOT Bruce A. Fowler Undergraduate Educator Award

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To recognize his significant contributions to the future of toxicology, the 2020 SOT Undergraduate Educator Award has been named to honor Endowment Visionary donor Bruce A. Fowler! Supported by the SOT Endowment Fund, this award is presented to an SOT member who is distinguished by outstanding contributions to the teaching of undergraduate students in toxicology and toxicology-related areas and whose efforts support the Society’s strategic efforts to develop and support toxicologists to capitalize on future opportunities.

Powell and Carvan 2019.pngA qualified undergraduate educator may either apply directly for the award or be nominated by others. The nominee should be an SOT member and have a faculty appointment with primary responsibilities in teaching undergraduates. In addition, the nominee should have a distinguished undergraduate teaching record and have made significant contributions to undergraduate education in toxicology. The deadline to nominate or apply is October 9, 2019. For additional information about the requirements of this award, please visit the “Undergraduate Educator Award” web page on the SOT website.

The application should include a primary letter of nomination or personal statement of self-nomination from an SOT Full member, a letter of support from an SOT Full member, a letter of support from a campus administrative official, and the nominee’s CV (10 pages maximum). All letters should provide documentation of undergraduate teaching and training accomplished by the nominee and analyze the nominee’s significant contributions to undergraduate toxicology education. Please note: the Awards Committee will review only the letters required in the package.

Past Undergraduate Educator Award recipients include:

  • 2011—Joan. B. Tarloff
  • 2012—Sue M. Ford
  • SOT Endowmet Logo.png2013—Sidhartha D. Ray
  • 2014—William D. Atchison
  • 2015—Mindy F. Reynolds
  • 2016—Antonio T. Baines
  • 2017—Karen E. Stine
  • 2018—Joshua P. Gray
  • 2019—Wade H. Powell

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Editor’s Sidebar: 2020 Undergraduate Educator Award Honors
Bruce A. Fowler, PhD, ATS

In recognition of his generous contributions to the SOT Endowment Fund and his attainment of Paracelsus Circle Visionary status, the 2020 Undergraduate Educator Award has been named after Bruce A. Fowler, PhD, ATS. SOT is fortunate to have numerous Visionary donors, and last year, the Undergraduate Educator Award was named for Daniel and Patricia Acosta to honor their Visionary status achievement. To learn more about Dr. Fowler and his vision for protecting public health, please see his article in the quarterly Communiqué, 2018: Issue 4.

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