Call for Self-Nominations to Serve as an NIH Reviewer

The National Institutes of Health Center for Scientific Review (NIH/CSR) has made a portal available through which scientific societies can recommend qualified individuals to serve as NIH reviewers. In a May 7, 2020, post in the Review Matters blog, Office of Communications and Outreach Director Kristin Kramer explains that the portal “comes in response to requests from professional societies for a way to recommend potential reviewers and is part of CSR’s ongoing efforts to refresh and expand the pool of well-qualified reviewers in every area of science.” 

To this end, SOT is seeking self-nominations from members who are interested in being recommended by SOT to serve as NIH reviewers. To satisfy the required fields for submitting a recommendation, your self-nomination must include:

  • Name
  • Degree
  • Email address
  • NIH Commons ID
  • Key terms that reflect your broad experience (e.g., behavioral neuroendocrinology; cardiovascular disease)
  • Key terms that reflect your research focus (e.g., estrogen receptor alpha and aggression; cardiac contractility)
  • Key terms that reflect your methodological expertise (e.g., immunohistochemistry; population-level statistical methods)

Please send these items, as well as your CV, to SOT Headquarters for consideration. SOT leadership will review the self-nominations to determine their recommendation. The deadline to submit your self-nomination is June 15.


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