SOT Council Congratulates Members for Advancing the Society's Strategic Priorities

As part of its continuing efforts to ensure fulfillment of the Society’s Strategic Plan, the SOT Council performed a detailed review of the progress to date on our strategic objectives. Towards this end, Council solicited input from every Committee and Component Group on their progress on the activities that each group had self-identified as tactics towards fulfilling the strategic plan. Council is delighted to report that, due to the considerable efforts of our members, substantial progress is being made towards achieving our strategic goals. The Society is indebted to the hundreds of members who are working towards achieving these goals. 

Our committees and component groups were very responsive to Council’s request for information and provided a summary of over 200 tactical activities, many of which were targeted to more than one strategic priority. Our trainee groups (Postdoctoral Assembly and Graduate Student Leadership Committee) and the Education Committee were particularly active in developing and implementing tactical activities. A subcommittee of Council collectively devoted over 200 hours evaluating this information for presentation at a 1½ day Council meeting focused on evaluating our progress in achieving our strategic goals. This review revealed that substantial effort is being placed on achieving each of our four strategic priorities: Increase Scientific Impact, Promote Recognition of Toxicology, Build for the Future of Toxicology, and Enhance Member Engagement. The greatest number of activities (90) were focused on Promoting the Recognition of Toxicology. A financial review of our activities also was  included in Council’s deliberations. Significant financial resources were devoted towards the activities targeted to each of our Strategic Priorities, with the greatest support focused on Promoting the Recognition of Toxicology. Not surprisingly, this correlated with the large number of activities devoted to this effort. In rolling out the Strategic Plan in 2012, Council indicated that $100,000 was available for novel, “aspirational” ideas targeted to the plan. A variety of aspirational activities were proposed and funded. These activities have been quite successful. Noteworthy accomplishments were completion of the strategic review of Toxicological Sciences, improvements to our Mentor Match program and expansion of the Mentoring Breakfast, and development of a student summer internship program.

Council was encouraged by the great effort being devoted by our members towards achieving each of our Strategic Priorities. Even at the early stage of our current Strategic Plan, considerable progress is being made for each priority. Council wishes to congratulate each committee and task force for their successful efforts.

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