SOT's Resources Are Equally Balanced for Government, Academic, and Private Sectors

As part of its oversight responsibility, the Finance Committee performed an analysis of the budget to determine if our expenditures were relatively evenly balanced among efforts that benefit our three major constituency groups: academia, government and the private-sector. Since expenditures associated with the Annual Meeting and our journal, Toxicological Sciences, benefit all constituencies, this analysis focused on the other expenditures/activities of the society. To initiate the analysis the activities of each committee were assessed with respect to the benefit potentially derived by each constituency group and then the overall balance of all our activities was compiled. The review revealed that our activities are fairly evenly balanced among those that benefit each constituency. Somewhat more activity was associated with those focused on the academic sector, but these activities serve to provide trained toxicologists that may work in any sector as they pursue their careers. Since the majority of our annual expenditures are devoted to the Annual Meeting and the journal, activities that benefit all sectors, and since the remaining activities were fairly evenly distributed among those that benefit the academic, government, and private sectors, it was determined that there was an overall balance of the activities of the Society.

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