Annual Meeting Roving Reporters Delivered Articles of Note: Interested in Volunteering for 2014?

A pilot program was initiated for the SOT 52nd Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas, when a number of members from diverse sectors agreed to serve as the first SOT Annual Meeting Roving Reporters. Mary Beth Genter, John Benitez, Kristy Kutanzi, Betina J. Lew, Nigel J. Walker, Tao Wang, and Xi Yang, prepared Communiqué Blog articles on aspects of the Annual Meeting of particular interest to them. Some of these blogs were disseminated during the SOT Annual Meeting and others immediately after—all are accessible from the list below.

By all reports, these volunteers enjoyed this experience and the response received from readers has been enthusiastic. For the 2014 SOT Annual Meeting, you are encouraged to consider volunteering to serve as a Roving Reporter. These blog articles are typically 300–500 words in length and are submitted as Word documents to be posted to the blog by SOT staff. To facilitate your participation, please go to the Volunteer section of the SOT website and indicate your willingness to take part in this activity.

Articles Prepared by the 2013 Annual Meeting Roving Reporters:

Mary Beth Genter

Your Margarita—Salt or No Salt??

Ozone and High Fructose Diets Don’t Mix

Betina J. Lew

A Continuing Education Course Worth Attending: Global Regulatory and Safety Requirements

Nigel J. Walker

Great Debate Scores a Big One

Tao Wang and John Benitez

SOT Presented An Excellent CE Course on Neuropathy

Tao Wang, Kristy Kutanzi, and Xi Yang

Another Successful Year at the Mentoring Breakfasts from Special Interest Groups

Xi Yang

Highlights of AACT Annual Business Meeting and Career Development Workshop


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