Now's an Opportune Time to Update Your ToXchange Profile and MyPage with a New Photo

Now is an opportune time to update your profile with a new profile picture–especially if you haven’t done so in a while!  And, if you have not yet posted a profile picture to your ToXchange Profile and MyPage, there is no time like the present. Remember, opportunists take now for an answer. 

It’s good to be recognized!

In addition to your profile picture being viewable on your MyPage, every time you log in to ToXchange, your photo will then show on the bottom of the ToXchange landing page. Plus—every time you post a discussion or reply on a Community page, your photo will appear beside your comment.

Go ahead, get recognized! Post or update your profile picture before summer comes to an end for good!


Go to your MyPage: 

 1) From the My Options drop-down in the upper right corner, select MyPage.
  2) From your profile page, click on the "MyPage” button at the top of the "About this User" box on the right.

Update your picture!

 First, be sure to know where your picture file is located so that you may easily browse and select it to upload. 

1) On your MyPage, click the "Actions" button and select “Update Picture.”

2) Click the "Update File" button and browse for the picture file on your computer. You may upload a file as large as 2 MB only (most photos are
between 1.0–1.5 MB).

3) Click the OK button to upload your selected picture.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3! If you need help, just click on “Help” in the top right of your ToXchange page. OR, just write in your question below and
we’ll write a response to help you out. 

ToXchange—It’s Your Network! 

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