Communique Readership Numbers Are Up Thanks to Ease of Accessibility and Varied Formats

In July 2013, we reached out to the members of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) to survey their satisfaction with the SOT Communiqué Newsletter Blog. SOT members had not been surveyed about the Society’s newsletter since 2011. It was the results of this earlier survey that led to the development of the Communiqué Newsletter Blog that facilitates more frequent and succinct communication on topics of interest to the membership.

Approximately 175 SOT members responded to this survey, and an overview of these results follows. The SOT Headquarters staff also measures the responses to the Communiqué Newsletter Blog articles.* When SOT members were asked about their level of interest in and satisfaction with the overall content of the newsletter blog, approximately 90% indicated they were quite satisfied and approximately 60% read the majority of the weekly newsletter blogs.

The Quarterly Communiqué Newsletter Blog continues to be preferred by many members, who appreciate access through the hyperlinks arrayed as a Table of Contents or via a downloadable pdf. Moreover, 90% of respondents expressed their satisfaction at the expanded Science News and Regulatory and Legislative Updates sections in the Communiqué. Nearly 80% of respondents turn to the newsletter blog for information on the Regional Chapters (RC), Section Interest Groups (SIG), Specialty Sections (SS), and Committees.

The Communiqué Newsletter Blog articles also are available on the SOT website, the SOT Facebook page (You Should “Like” It), and via the Toxicological Sciences journal website. The SOT Facebook page provides an opportunity for you to share these articles with your own Facebook community and spread the word about the programs and services available through the Society.    

Approximately 85% of respondents are aware that articles can be provided for inclusion in the newsletter. SOT Headquarters appreciates receiving articles about the activities in the RCs, SIGs, SSs, and Committees in which you participate. You are encouraged to work with your SOT Staff Liaison as you prepare these reports on initiatives and activities underway. 

For those of you who responded to the survey and expressed an interest in serving as a 2014 Annual Meeting Roving Reporter, we will be contacting you.

We are happy that so many of you appreciate and read the Communiqué Newsletter Blog and find it useful. We will continue to take the pulse of our membership concerning the newsletter and remain committed to addressing your feedback.

Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond to the Survey.


Judith T. Zelikoff, Editor, SOT Communiqué Newsletter Blog

*Two recent reports indicate that from February 1, 2013 to April 30, 2013, 462,087 articles were accessed and from May 1, 2013 to July 31, 2013 the number was 321,986.

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