Matthew J. Campen Announced as Recipient of SOT 2014 Achievement Award


The Society of Toxicology (SOT) announced that Matthew J. Campen is the recipient of the 2014 SOT Achievement Award. Dr. Campen received his PhD degree from the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Public Health, in 2000. He joined the faculty of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, in 2009 and is an Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Campen has established methods to assess mode of action of vascular dysfunction and mediator-based injury. He has developed an innovative approach in vitro where he can use rodent blood vessels as a biometric tool to detect and assess mediators that arise in the serum humans exposed to ozone or particulate matter (PM). His laboratory is unique in its ability to explore acute vascular injury and the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic disease due to chronic air pollution exposure.

He has contributed a great deal to our understanding of how airborne toxicants, such as PM and ozone, cause systemic vascular insult. His most recent work has shown that, in both rodents and humans, exposure to inhaled pollutants can induce compositional changes in the blood that leads to inflammatory responses in the systemic vasculature, which is effectively the initiating step in atherosclerosis. Additionally, Dr. Campen has contributed to regulatory efforts by the US Environmental Protection Agency, writing sections on cardiovascular health outcomes related to carbon monoxide and PM for recent Integrated Science Assessments.

Dr. Campen has been a member of SOT since 2002. He received the Mary O. Amdur Award for Environmental Inhalation Toxicology in 1999 and the Young Investigator Award in 2013, both from the Inhalation and Respiratory Specialty Section. He served in the presidential chain for the Mountain West Regional Chapter of SOT (2005–2007) and was a member of the SOT Disease Prevention Task Force (2008–2011). In addition, Dr. Campen was President and a Founding Officer of the Cardiovascular Specialty Section (2010–2012). He currently serves on the Board of Publications (2012-2016, Co-Chair, 2013). Dr. Campen served with distinction as the interim Co-Editor-in-Chief of Toxicological Sciences during this past year.

The Society is pleased to present Dr. Campen with the 2014 SOT Achievement Award.


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