2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Committee Award Recipients

Congratulations Are in Order!

The Society of Toxicology (SOT) Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC) Executive Board is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Outstanding GSLC Awards: Jessica Sapiro and Sanket Gadhia.  

Award Recipient Jessica Sapiro and 2014–2015 GSLC Chair Alessandro Venosa

Ms. Sapiro is a fifth-year graduate student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology doctoral program at the University of Arizona. She is investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in mediating all-trans-retinoic acid cytoprotection against renal toxicity. As a professional development component while obtaining her graduate degree, she served as the student representative for the Women in Toxicology (WIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) for the past year. She has actively participated in WIT leadership meetings and served on multiple committees including proposal review and the new WIT SOT Award Nomination Committee.

This new committee was formed in WIT to foster the goal of increasing WIT member visibility in SOT by assisting in national award nominations. The  WIT SOT Awards Nomination Committee was initiated in response to the outcome of a WIT student representative's task of tracking the statistics of women's involvement in SOT in leadership positions. As a member of this committee, Ms. Sapiro led the compilation of the application package for the WIT-endorsed nominee for the SOT Education Award. This entailed working collaboratively with this committee on the generation of ideas to determine candidates and then reaching out to the identified individuals to obtain information and letters of support for the applicant.

Collectively, the WIT Executive Committee has worked to increase member participation at all levels in the SIG and, as a result, three student members volunteered to serve on this new WIT SOT Award Nomination Committee. Ms. Sapiro also authored several articles for the biannual WIT newsletter that have included suggestions on student involvement in WIT and listings of SOT Annual Meeting events of interest to students. She has been engaged in Annual Meeting planning by developing an ice breaker for the WIT reception to encourage networking and mentoring between Full/Associate  and Students/Postdocs SOT members.

Award Recipient Sanket Gadhia and 2014–2015 GSLC Chair Alessandro Venosa

Sanket Gadhia served on the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) as the graduate student representative from 2013–2015. In addition to the basic duties of the student representative, he has efficiently managed the CE kiosks and volunteers (30–40 in number) during SOT Annual Meetings (2014, 2015). He also participated actively in the committee meetings with valuable suggestions.

Moreover, he has competently consolidated the lists of volunteers and helped the SOT staff liaison with volunteer assignments and explaining on-site duties before and during the Annual Meeting. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in promoting the CE courses among SOT members, especially graduate student members.

Mr. Gadhia has been involved with GSLC and its subcommittees since 2013. Recently, he served as a panelist for the GSLC sponsored webinar on “Applying for SOT Awards, Funding, and Fellowships.” In addition, he also serves as the student representative for the Stem Cell Specialty Section. Since 2012, he has created awareness about the Society among his peers at St. John's University, Forest Hills, New York, which has increased the overall graduate student participation from this institute.


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