SOT Seeking Comments on Nanoparticles Issue Statement

SOT is developing an Issue Statement titled “Nanoparticles” (Note: The preceding link will take you to the SOT Reference Files library on ToXchange where you can download a PDF of the draft statement. If you are not logged into your SOT/ToXchange account, you will be taken to a log in page. Once you have logged in, you should be redirected to the page containing the Issue Statement file.). This statement is intended to provide an overview of the effects of nanoparticle exposures. As part of the development process, SOT membership has seven (7) days to provide comment and input on the draft. All feedback is due by Friday, December 14, and should be emailed to SOT Communications Director Michelle Werts, who will compile the feedback and provide it to the statement’s Writing Team.

The “Nanoparticles” Issue Statement was developed by an SOT Council-appointed Writing Team consisting of Mary Gulumian, PhD, National Institute for Occupational Health South Africa; Robert Landsiedel, PhD, ERT, DABT, BASF SE; and David B. Warheit, PhD, DABT, ATS, The Chemours Company. This draft also was reviewed by multiple other SOT members with expertise in this area and SOT Council.

After SOT member feedback is incorporated into the draft, SOT Council will conduct a final review of the document and vote on its approval as an SOT Issue Statement, at which point the individual author names will be removed and it will become an official SOT document.

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