Celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week, September 16–20

A yellow banner that contains text thanking the SOT postdocs for their contributions to toxicology and the Society.

On behalf of SOT, I am pleased to extend our appreciation and recognition to the entire Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA) for their dedication to becoming the future leaders in toxicology as we celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week.

National Postdoc Appreciation Week was created by the National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) to recognize postdocs and their numerous accomplishments in research and scientific discovery around the globe. SOT postdoctoral scholars are an integral part of the SOT community, and we proudly recognize the 550+ Postdoctoral members who make meaningful contributions to the Society, advance the science of toxicology, and build for the future of the discipline. 

Join me in celebrating and expressing our appreciation for our Postdoctoral members next week, September 16–20, 2019. Joining the NPA in focusing attention on all the contributions and accomplishments of postdoctoral scholars, the PDA will host a virtual gathering to support this community around the world. Additionally, many groups of postdocs in academic institutions, industry, or government hold events such as social gatherings or symposia. To learn more about events happening at institutions across the country, consult the 2019 National Postdoc Appreciation Week calendar.

We encourage all SOT members to take time during National Postdoc Appreciation Week to acknowledge the postdocs and make them feel valued in their communities and institutions. Thank you for joining us as we celebrate the Society’s postdoctoral community!

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