Nominate a Scientist or Clinician for the 2020 SOT Translational/Bridging Travel Award

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The SOT Translational/Bridging Travel Award is given to assist up to two individuals with travel to the SOT Annual Meeting. The SOT Awards Committee provides this award to mid- or senior-level scientists/clinicians with at least Translational Bridging Travel Award 2017.png10 years of experience (postdoctoral research/clinical practice) and who either have an active research program or are active in the practice of clinical toxicology, medical toxicology, disease prevention, or the application of translational toxicology. This award will be presented during the Awards Ceremony of the 2020 SOT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, California.

Nominations will be accepted through October 9, 2019. Award nomination packages should include a letter of nomination from a Full member of the Society, a seconding letter from a Full member of the Society, and the CV of the nominee (10 pages maximum).

For additional information, please visit the “Translational/Bridging Travel Award” web page on the SOT website. This is an excellent opportunity for nonmembers—please nominate a qualified colleague today!

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Past Translational/Bridging Travel Award recipients include:

  • 2012—Xuemei Huang
  • 2013—M. Shane Hutson
  • 2016—Mohamed M. Salama
  • 2017—Jayanta K. Das
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