Interested in the Intersection of Sustainable Chemistry and Toxicology? Become a Member of the Sustainable Chemicals through Contemporary Toxicology (SCCT) Specialty Section!

SOT Council has approved the formation of the Sustainable Chemicals through Contemporary Toxicology (SCCT) Specialty Section. The SCCT Specialty Section is the Society’s newest Specialty Section and is designed to address the broader impact of toxicological research to inform decisions that advance safer chemistry throughout the product life cycle. Additionally, the SCCT Specialty Section will support scientific activities designed to promote toxicological research to reduce the likelihood of regrettable substitution throughout the supply chain. 

SCCT Specialty Section membership is now an option on the SOT membership renewal portal, so please join the newest SOT Specialty Section! If you are attending the SOT Annual Meeting, please join SCCT Specialty Section members for lunch on Monday, March 16, from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm. Lunch will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The SCCT Specialty Section seeks to advance SOT members’ training and practice in topics particularly relevant to sustainable chemicals. SCCT Specialty Section objectives include:

  • To enhance understanding of the characteristics of a sustainable chemical
  • To foster correct application and interpretation of state-of-the-science alternative testing methods to assess human health hazards
  • To advance the adoption of contemporary toxicology approaches for assessing data gaps for health and/or environmental toxicity and fate endpoints
  • To encourage the balancing of life cycle considerations against toxicological considerations when designing chemical formulations
  • To act as a resource to the Society in the area of sustainable chemical design, alternatives assessment, and informed substitution

The design and widespread use of sustainable chemicals are critical to health, not just throughout a chemical’s supply chain, but also on a worldwide scale. Your participation in the SCCT Specialty Section is needed to make this Specialty Section a success! 

Organizing Committee:

  • Pamela J. Spencer, PhD, DABT
  • Jennifer Y. Tanir, PhD
  • Margaret H. Whittaker, PhD, MPH, CBiol, FRSB, ERT, DABT
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