December 2019 ToxSci: Highlights from the Issue

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The Society’s official journal, Toxicological Sciences, remains on the cutting edge of toxicology research, delivered through the December issue—Volume 172, Issue 2—which is now toxsci_172_2cover2.pngavailable. The work published in this edition spans the toxicological field, from computational toxicology and databases to exposure science and organ-specific toxicology.

Featured in the December issue are three Tox Spotlight articles:

In addition to these Tox Spotlight manuscripts, the December edition of ToxSci offers research on biotransformation, toxicokinetics, and pharmacokinetics. Also represented within Volume 172, Issue 2, are the areas of molecular, biochemical, and systems toxicology; neurotoxicology; and more.

The mission of Toxicological Sciences is to publish a broad spectrum of impactful research in the field of toxicology.

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