Upcoming Science Communication Webinar: “Feedback Makes Perfect”

By Anne Chappelle posted 02-17-2022 15:45


Effective science communication is a skill that must be consistently practiced and honed to provide meaningful, understandable, and actionable information to a variety of audiences. And although you can practice in front of a mirror, you won’t improve without honest feedback. To provide training on how to effectively communicate as well as to help attendees learn how to provide critical and useful feedback, the Scientific Liaison Coalition (SLC) will host a webinar on Tuesday, March 1, 2022, at 11:00 am (ET) to discuss “SLC Toxmasters: Feedback Makes Perfect.”

The event will be moderated by SOT member Barbara Kaplan of Mississippi State University and will feature two speakers. SOT member Anne Chappelle (SafeBridge Regulatory and LifeSciences Group) will provide practical examples of “good” and “bad” presentation techniques to highlight opportunities for improvement through constructive feedback. Andrew Watkins (Speakin’ Ezy Toastmasters, US EPA) will then discuss speech evaluations, beginning with an overview of the anatomy of a speech and the distinct elements that enable effective communication, followed by a structured approach to evaluation that is rooted in the anatomy of the speech and provides a blueprint for delivering meaningful feedback.

This free, live webinar is open to members of societies in the Scientific Liaison Coalition, which includes all SOT members. Advance registration is required.

SOT is a member association of the Scientific Liaison Coalition.