19th International Workshop on QSAR in Environmental and Health Sciences


By Anthony Ndifor posted 01-14-2021 16:42


SOT supports and endorses scientific meetings throughout the year as part of its Non–SOT Meetings Sponsorship program. One such upcoming meeting that may be of interest to SOT members is the 19th International Workshop on QSAR in Environmental and Health Sciences (held virtually), hosted by American Society for Cellular and Computational Toxicology.

Taking place June 7–10, 2021, the conference will include plenary sessions, posters, and discussions focusing on both traditional QSARs and new approach methodologies (NAMs), with the goal of promoting understanding and use of these transformative scientific methods in toxicology and risk assessment applications. Virtual sessions will include prerecorded presentations with live Q&A for keynote and plenary sessions, poster presentation sessions, and daily networking opportunities. These sessions will leverage Discord and Remo software tools to facilitate discussion and participation from a global audience and to replicate in-person opportunities for participant collaboration and networking. All talks and posters will be available to attendees on demand. The deadline to submit an abstract is January 30, 2021.

Researchers are encouraged to submit scientific abstracts in these categories:

  • Thresholds for Toxicological Concern (TTC)
  • Cheminformatic approaches to evaluate “Big Data”
  • Development, evaluation, and application of QSARs to fill data gaps
  • Non-targeted screening and toxicokinetics
  • Development and application of NAMs within AOPs and IATA
  • Emerging issues such as complex substances, nano, UVCBs, or green chemistry
  • Understanding and quantifying uncertainty in model development and the underlying data
  • Biological activity profiling using high-throughput screening data and high content data
  • Informatics and data engineering challenges for computational toxicology