Regional Chapters Eligible for Funding for Undergraduate-Related Meeting Activities

By Emily Ford posted 08-11-2022 13:40

Ferris State University undergraduates
at a Michigan Regional Chapter meeting

With SOT Regional Chapters planning in-person meetings again, the Faculty United for Undergraduate Toxicology Recruitment and Education (FUTURE) Committee is eager to receive applications for funds to support undergraduate activities in conjunction with Regional Chapter meetings. The application deadline for events taking place in the last half of 2022 is August 15; for meetings occurring in the first half of 2023, the deadline is January 9.

For undergraduates, attending a Regional Chapter meeting may be more feasible than attending the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. A Regional Chapter meeting also is a valuable experience in the community of scientists before a larger meeting, especially with the opportunity to present a research poster. SOT supported 31 research interns this summer who will be in proximity to Regional Chapters this fall and are prepared to present their research data—please invite them to your meeting! SOT staff can assist in identifying undergraduates in your region.

Organizers are cognizant that some scientific presentations during Regional Chapter meetings may be too detailed for, or in areas unknown to, undergraduates; including special activities for the undergraduate audience increases the value of the experience for them. Options might include an active learning exercise in toxicology, a career panel, or tour of a lab or other facility. FUTURE Committee members can provide suggestions, as well as examples from previous Regional Chapter meetings.

A Regional Chapter may request up to $500 to support undergraduate activities as part of its meeting. FUTURE will reimburse expenses such as undergraduate registration or travel, their lunch cost, and poster awards. Review the Regional Chapter Undergraduate Activity Funding description for more information and the link to the application.