Register and Submit an Abstract for FutureTox V: New Technologies to Evaluate Organ-Specific Effects of Drugs and Chemicals

By Ivan Rusyn posted 09-02-2021 15:42


Registration and abstract submissions are now open for FutureTox V: New Technologies to Evaluate Organ-Specific Effects of Drugs and Chemicals, taking place November 8–9, 2021, at the Friday Conference Center at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

FutureTox V will focus on issues of interest to regulatory and investigative toxicologists; discuss new technologies and strategies that are being used to improve, reduce, and/or replace animal testing (3Rs); and include presentations on computational analysis and artificial intelligence (AI).

In this engaging two-day meeting, attendees will examine:

  • What model systems are needed
  • What models are available for organ injury prevention and assessment—evaluating the effects of drugs and chemicals on the liver, gut, heart, blood-brain barrier, and lung
  • Novel technologies and models and their advantages and disadvantages

Featured speakers from across regulatory, academic, and industrial research specialties will highlight their outstanding research programs and serve as champions for their area of expertise.

We hope you will join us for this exciting CCT meeting. Learn more about the full agenda and register for the event on the conference website.

The FutureTox series focuses on building the roadmap for 21st-century toxicology and risk assessment practices, utilizing in vitro data and in silico models for predictive toxicology, and taking the high-throughput risk assessment paradigm forward to address challenges in implementing the emerging big-data toolbox for risk assessment and regulatory decision-making.