SOT Supports Faculty and Undergraduate Research at Four Institutions

By Katie Paul Friedman posted 06-09-2022 13:27


The Faculty United for Toxicology Undergraduate Recruitment and Education Committee has selected four recipients of SOT Undergraduate Faculty Research Grant. Applicants are SOT members who teach and mentor undergraduates as a primary activity. The funds will support summer toxicology research by undergraduates at these institutions and, in one case, continued work during the academic year. Evidence of the impact of these funds is reflected in recent blogs (Washington College, Swarthmore faculty, Swarthmore students). It is well-documented that research experiences are a major factor directing students to apply for graduate school. The funding, although modest, can make a significant difference at an institution with limited research funding, for both the faculty member and the student, who often is able to submit a poster abstract or publication from the work.

Margaret Bell at DePaul University and student Catalina Torres Reyes will investigate the mechanisms by which PCBs will prime microglial responses to a secondary challenge in age- and sex-specific ways, comparing cells from neonatal and adolescent animals. David Blake at Fort Lewis College will split funds between support for Danielle Gonzales and supplies. Their project evaluates the toxicity of two natural compounds, sulforaphane (SFN) and deoxyalpinoid B (DAB), on human macrophages as potential replacements for toxic drugs used to treat visceral leishmaniasis. Julie Goss at the University of Maine will fund Patrick Fleming to investigate the eukaryotic toxicology of cetylpyridinium chloride, a cationic quaternary ammonium antimicrobial used widely in personal care and food products, although its eukaryotic effects are largely unknown. Karin Streifel from Regis University is using the funds for supplies for research assessing mRNA levels of inflammatory cytokines in the gastrointestinal tracts of their Mn Mouse Model via RT-PCR; Celine Campos is the student researcher.

SOT also supports undergraduate research with internship support, providing matching funding for students in summer intern programs hosted and mentored by an SOT member and conducting toxicology research. Funds went to nine institutions for summer 2022 and the funds support 29 students from 19 institutions.

Preview the application requirements for the awards and consider applying in the future. Applications for Undergraduate Faculty Research Grants are due in April; Internship Program Support applications are due in January.