Keith Rogers Makes ToxScholar Visit to Oakwood University

By Keith Rogers posted 09-29-2022 16:17

Keith Rogers is standing at the front of the room next to a big screen, talking to a crowd.

During my visit, I first met with several Oakwood biology faculty members and discussed their research and the possibilities of integrating toxicology research with their existing projects. I then presented at the weekly meeting of the Oakwood Biomedical Association, a scholarly organization that empowers undergraduates to achieve careers in science and health-related fields. I spoke to the 30 students and several faculty members in attendance about toxicology and its basic principles, what a career in toxicology might resemble, and SOT and the opportunities it offers to undergraduate students and faculty alike. I then spoke about my current PhD journey at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and my toxicology dissertation research. Students were engaged and interactive, asking and answering questions throughout the presentation as well as at its conclusion. Students were encouraged to sign up for SOT Undergraduate Student Affiliate status, and the students and faculty were shown various resources and award opportunities available to them through the SOT website.

Following my presentation, I discussed opportunities available through SOT with several students and two faculty members and spent time with other students who were reviewing some of my research findings in order to integrate certain aspects into their research.

Oakwood Students standing in the front of the room with Keith Rogers smiling at the camera.

Last, I spent time having one-on-one meetings with students interested in the PhD experience, and I spoke candidly with several students about graduate school, toxicology research and programs, and undergraduate preparation for a career in toxicology research.

I am grateful to SOT for selecting me to participate in the ToxScholar program and speak to students at Oakwood University, and I encourage others to apply for this amazing opportunity.

Note: The SOT ToxScholar program offers travel support for toxicology presentations to undergraduate audiences. The next application deadline is January 15.