March 2022 ToxSci: Highlights from the Issue

By Michael Aschner posted 03-03-2022 14:18


The March 2022 issue of the Society’s official journal, Toxicological Sciences, is now available and includes research on molecular, biochemical, and systems toxicology; genetic and epigenetic toxicology; and more.

The issue opens with a Contemporary Review article exploring “The Exposome and Toxicology: A Win-Win Collaboration,” which is followed by a Forum article discussing “The Future of Uncertainty Factors with In Vitro Studies Using Human Cells.”

In addition to these manuscripts, the March edition features two Tox Spotlight articles:

To read these highlights and additional investigations in immunotoxicology, organ-specific toxicology, and neurotoxicology, consult the March 2022 issue of ToxSci.

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