Opportunity to Showcase Ways to Support the Global Scientific Community

By Michael Aschner posted 09-29-2022 16:19


As an organization with members around the world, SOT recognizes that members of its community can be adversely affected at any time by various natural and manmade disasters, such as the recent typhoons in Asia and hurricanes and storms in the Atlantic Ocean to name a few.

When these events occur, SOT leadership has heard stories of members taking action to help their friends, colleagues, and family members. SOT would like to honor these individuals who offer aid, as well as highlight ways that other members can help, by including these stories in the SOT Weekly Update that is distributed on Thursdays.

To be clear, SOT does not intend to use these stories to proselytize or veer into politics. As I shared in a message earlier this year, SOT is focused on the discipline of toxicology and those who contribute their talents to this science. In this regard, it is worth noting and celebrating when SOT members support others in the scientific global community.

If you or someone you know is assisting colleagues enduring scientific disruptions or know of ways in which SOT members can help, please contact the SOT Communications Director.