Request for Feedback: Revision Priorities for the “Guide for the Care and Use of Animals”

By Sue Marty posted 05-26-2022 11:11


The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) is sponsoring a project to revise the NASEM ILAR Guide for the Care and Use of Animals. As part of this effort, the Veterinary Consortium for Research Animal Care & Welfare has prepared a survey to collect institutional feedback on priority areas for revising the guide. The results of the survey will be provided to the Standing Committee for the Care and Use of Animals in Research for their consideration.

As SOT is a FASEB member society, SOT members are encouraged to complete the survey and provide their feedback. Questions to consider while completing the survey include:

  • In terms of revising the guide, which chapter(s) should be prioritized?
  • What is missing from the guide that should be included in the next update?
  • What are the ongoing difficulties researchers face in using and/or interpreting the guide?

The deadline to complete the survey is June 1.