SOT Program Spotlight: Stay Connected through ToXchange

By Suzanne Fitzpatrick posted 05-13-2021 15:23


Program-Spotlight-Transpernt.pngToXchange, the online SOT member community, offers a variety of tools designed to facilitate SOT member engagement—both with fellow members and with the Society as a whole. Stay up-to-date, find a mentor, volunteer your expertise, and more—all on ToXchange! (Make sure you’re logged in to ToXchange using your SOT credentials to access all the platform offers.)

Membership Directory

A benefit for all members, the online SOT Membership Directory is housed within ToXchange and can be accessed through the Membership Directory menu tab anytime. This 24-7 tool allows members to search for other members by first or last name, company, and/or email address. Advanced search capabilities include the option to search by demographics (including research area and number of years in the field); by SOT Committee; or by SOT Component Group (Regional Chapter, Special Interest Group, or Specialty Section). SOT members are encouraged to use the Membership Directory to connect with members and forge new collaborations.

Communiqué Blog

The Communiqué is the Society’s weekly blog, sharing news, commentary, and information relevant to SOT and toxicology. Blog articles are both accessible on ToXchange and delivered directly to members’ emails through the SOT weekly newsletter on Thursday evenings. In addition to sharing pertinent Society news, blog articles highlight accomplishments of SOT members and the Society, discuss advances in and challenges facing the field of toxicology, provide information to support the development of toxicologists, and showcase the role toxicology plays in protecting human, animal, and environmental health.

Research Funding Blog

The Research Funding blog shares timely announcements of federal grant funding opportunities relevant to toxicology and of interest to SOT members. Like Communiqué blog articles, Research Funding blog articles are shared through the weekly newsletter, in addition to being accessible on ToXchange itself. Research Funding blog articles include an overview of the funding opportunity, as well as key dates for those interested and links to the official funding opportunity announcement. The Research Funding blog is restricted to members; you must be logged in to ToXchange to view those blogs.


ToXchange Communities offer a venue for SOT members who belong to specific groups within the Society (e.g., Committees or Component Groups) to access announcements pertinent to those groups. Members can easily see and access the Communities to which they belong by selecting the “My Communities” option under the Communities menu tab.

Mentor Match

ToXchange also is the home of the new and improved SOT Mentor Match platform, accessible under the Mentor Match menu tab. Mentor Match allows participants to connect with mentors based on topics such as area of expertise, education/career development, leadership, networking, work/life balance, administration/management, and more. Mentor Match is a free member benefit!

Interested mentors and mentees can join the program through the Mentor Match section of ToXchange, which also includes program FAQs.


Finally, by selecting the Volunteer menu tab on ToXchange, members can express their interest in volunteering in several Society positions, including Component Group leadership, Committee membership, and positions for students and postdocs. Interested members can complete an application for a volunteer position directly within the Volunteer section of ToXchange.