ToxScholar Visit to Westminster College

By Mindy Reynolds posted 05-17-2018 07:11


On March 27, I had the opportunity to participate in the Biology research seminar at Westminster College, in Westminster, PA. This is my second visit to Westminster, but this time I had the opportunity to present about opportunities in toxicology and my collaborative research with undergraduates.

During my visit, I attended courses and had the chance to interact with the students and faculty. I used the classroom time to point out to faculty ways to integrate toxicology into the already preexisting courses, even if there isn’t the possibility of having a whole course dedicated to toxicology. Approximately 60 students, whose interests ranged from nursing to molecular biology and biochemistry, attended my lecture during which I introduced basic principles in toxicology while pointing out that toxicology is a part of their everyday lives. The lecture was interactive, and the students were willing participants. Their questions were not only thoughtful but also indicated they were interested in the topics. Students and faculty were shown different resources available through the Society of Toxicology (SOT) website, including how to become student affiliates and teaching resources.

Mindy Reynolds presenting during the 2016 SOT Undergraduate Education Program
Mindy Reynolds during the 2016 SOT Undergraduate Education Program

At the end of my lecture, I had several students approach me about research opportunities and interest in attending the SOT Annual Meeting.  I exchanged contact information and left toxicology brochures all over campus. Since the SOT Annual Meeting is in Baltimore in 2019 and I will be bringing several of my undergraduate students, I encouraged faculty and students to contact me and we could attend together. Lastly, due to the proximity to the University of Pittsburgh, I encouraged the students and faculty to reach out to several researchers at that institution.  I am grateful to the SOT for the opportunity to participate in the Domestic ToxScholar Program and I hope others in the SOT will continue to participate in this great outreach activity. Applications are accepted at any time.

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