New Endowment Fund Announced: The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship

By Marcia Lawson posted 06-06-2013 14:54




The Carcinogenesis Specialty Section is sponsoring a new Endowment fund, The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship Fund, created by a group of SOT members who have actively conducted research in environmental carcinogenesis for many years. Among these individuals are current, past, and future Presidents of the Carcinogenesis Specialty Section. The donors are interested in fostering the continued advancement of carcinogenesis research by promoting research that integrates emerging science (e.g., genomics, epigenetics, metabolomics, microbiomics, and exposomics) into studies that help define mechanisms of, susceptibility to, and prevention of carcinogenesis.

The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship Fund will be used to encourage students and postdoctoral fellows within the first three years of training to conduct research in this area. Specifically, the proceeds from this fund will be used to provide stipends (e.g., for research, travel to scientific meetings, and attending special training courses) to student and postdoctoral fellows who are recipients of awards given for excellence in carcinogenesis research.

The Environmental Carcinogenesis Research Fellowship Fund will be aligned with the Carcinogenesis Specialty Section, which will have the responsibility for identifying the number of awards to be given each year, the detailed criteria for selection of the award recipients, the selection of recipients, and the bestowing of the awards at an event held in conjunction with the SOT Annual Meeting.

The SOT Endowment Fund is in reality a home for multiple Endowment Funds established for different purposes and with contributions from multiple sources. The Fund has an overarching “mission of assisting in advancing the science of toxicology by providing financial support for the Society’s programs.”

For additional information and to donate, please visit the SOT website and contact SOT Deputy Director Clarissa Russell Wilson.