SOT Seeks Comments on Constitution and Bylaws Changes by April 30

By Ruth Roberts posted 03-29-2018 11:59


 An organization’s Constitution and Bylaws should reflect the current workings of a society without statements that might encumber the organization’s ability to stay nimble. During its January 2018 meeting, the SOT Council approved the changes that are shown in the posted document. The primary changes to the Constitution revolve around expanding the definition of a Full, Associate, and Honorary member to recognize that toxicology is an interdisciplinary discipline and should include members in related and allied scientific fields. The changes to the Bylaws include grammatical fixes and additional language to allow flexibility in the number of members serving on the Board of Publications. Please review the changes and send your comments to SOT Headquarters by April 30, 2018.

Suggestions and comments will be reviewed by Council in May and when appropriate incorporated into the Constitution and Bylaws change ballot.