2019 Endowment Awardees Featured on SOT Website

By Jeff Moffit posted 06-20-2019 13:53


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The 2019 SOT Annual Meeting was a huge success, not just because of the stellar science and excellent networking, but also because of the number of awards supported by the SOT Endowment Fund. This year, more than 75 awards were given to undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and distinguished scientists. 

The Endowment Fund continues to provide great opportunities for many young and established toxicologists. Sarah Faure, MS, of Health Canada, the recipient of the Graduate Student Excellence Award from the Regulatory and Safety Evaluation Student Award Fund, said, “I was pleased to have the opportunity to discuss and interact with internationally renowned scientists working in the field of toxicology, and I benefited from valuable feedback and advice. . . . It also contributed to my training by allowing me to familiarize myself with the various research at the forefront of toxicology carried out around the world.”

Endowment Awardee Quote (2).pngContributors to the SOT Endowment Fund feel proud of their philanthropy when they hear about the significant impact their donations can make. A 2019 recipient of a Dharm V. Singh Carcinogenesis Graduate Student Award, Sumira Phatak, BS, of Utah State University, remarked, “I am honored to be selected for such a prestigious award. . . . My long-term career goal is to attain a faculty position at a major research university, optimizing lifestyle intervention strategies that influence cancer outcomes. Recognition by experts in my field is humbling, and it reignites my motivation to continue working hard toward accomplishing my career goals.”

Also, Sireesha Manne, DVM, PhD, of Iowa State University, the recipient of the Roger O. McClellan Student Award, was “very surprised and pleased to be the recipient of this prestigious award. This award has further motivated me to contribute to the growing body of knowledge in the biomedical and life sciences, which influence health care and the quality of life on a global scale.”

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If you are not already a regular contributor to the SOT Endowment Fund, please consider joining the more than 800 contributors. Visit the Endowment Fund web page to learn more about the recent Endowment Fund award recipients, as well as about the fund itself and ways you can contribute.

Nominations for many awards supported by the Endowment Fund will be accepted starting July 1. Please consider submitting a nomination.

Thank you for investing in the future of toxicology.