2018 Global Senior Scholars Announced and Host Applications Solicited


By Michael Peterson posted 08-10-2017 13:08


The Society of Toxicology (SOT) announces the 2018 Global Senior Scholars: Aina O. Adeogun, PhD, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and Hilmi Orhan, PhD, ERT, Ege University, Izmir, Turkey. These two toxicologists will receive SOT support to attend the SOT Annual Meeting and spend about four weeks with an SOT member Host (see Scholar profiles below). The goal of the Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program (GSSEP) is to increase toxicology capacity in developing countries by providing professional opportunities for scientists through relationships supported by SOT. The Host and Scholar will share mutual research and teaching interests and develop cooperative projects to build toxicology at the Scholar’s institution and in the region. 

SOT now encourages members with similar research and training emphases to apply to be the GSSEP Host for one of these Scholars. Applicants from established toxicology programs (including academic, government, and industry organizations) worldwide are eligible. After the Scholar is in residence with the Host, SOT will provide up to $5,000 travel support for the Host to visit the Scholar’s institution and engage there with the Scholar, other faculty, and students.

Host application: Host applications will be accepted until September 9, 2017

Global Senior Scholar Exchange Program: 2018 Scholars

v2Adeogun wh bkgrnd.jpgDr. Aina Olubukola Adeogun is Reader in the Department of Zoology at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. Her research focus has been the evaluation of environmental impact and risk assessment as a tool for the development and validation of sensitive biomarkers of endocrine, neuro-, and reproductive toxicology, especially in aquatic organisms. Another area of interest is isolating and characterizing plastic products in Nigerian municipal water lakes as vectors of contaminants in drinking water to produce a scientific basis for risk assessment of plastic products in Nigeria and a better understanding of possible effects on mammalian health. The scholarly collaboration will aid in developing mechanisms to increase quality research, publication output, and training despite lack of equipment and reliable electricity as well as enable her department to restructure toxicology courses into a more societal needs based program.

Host candidates may learn more about Dr. Adeogun in her application.


v32018 GSSEP award photoOrhan.jpgDr. Hilmi Orhan, PhD, ERT, is Professor of Toxicology in the Department of Pharmaceutical Toxicology at Ege University in Turkey, President of the Turkish Society of Toxicology, and serves on the executive committee of EUROTOX. His current research involves the characterization of reactive intermediates upon biotransformation of drugs and drug candidates by target organs and subcellular compartments such as mitochondria and investigation of their contribution to adverse effects. He also is interested in the application of biomarkers in both clinical and environmental toxicological studies in human tissues. This includes exploration of the possible associations between persistent organic pollutants concentrations and cancers in patients. The exchange will develop collaborations that will strengthen his research paradigm, train students in new experimental techniques, and open new research avenues. 

Host candidates may learn more about Dr. Orhan in his application.

The Education Committee looks forward to receiving excellent Host applications for exchanges that will continue the successes of this program. Information about previous recipients can be found in the Historical Archive of SOT Awardees.

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