Mr Michael Peterson, BS, MEM, DABT

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Mike Peterson is a senior toxicologist and Principal at Gradient, with 22 years of experience specializing in human health risk assessment of cancer and non-cancer endpoints, critical analysis of human and animal toxicology and epidemiology studies, and multimedia assessment of exposure to chemicals. He has extensive experience evaluating the toxicity of asbestos and other fibers, and also has been very involved in evaluating risks from chemicals in food and food packaging, including bisphenol A and perchlorate. His previous experience includes the development of chemical toxicity profiles, evaluation of the toxicity of novel chemical and commercial products (including evaluations related to California Proposition 65), and the assessment of occupational and drift exposures to pesticides.  He currently is the chairperson of the Washington State Agriculture Safety Day committee and president of the Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section of the Society of Toxicology.  While earning a Masters of Environmental Management degree at Duke University, Mr. Peterson researched the oral bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from soil. 

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