“Hoops for the Endowment” Take A Shot Today In ToxExpo –Virtual Event Deadline, March 31


By Marcia Lawson posted 03-13-2012 20:10


Be sure to participate in the “Hoops for the Endowment” event located in ToxExpo Exhibit Hall C. Basketball hoops are set up in the exhibit hall so that you may shoot free-throws onsite. Stop by the SOT Pavilion (Booth #1700) for sponsorship forms and competition instructions and join in the FUN. Individuals and teams (up to five players) are welcome. The onsite portion of this event, which started on Monday, March 12, will conclude today, March 14, with the closing of the ToxExpo Exhibit Hall. However, virtual teams may continue their participation through March 31. These “virtual” teams will allow participants to be teammates regardless of where they are geographically located. All the Society Funds and Named Funds that make up the SOT Family of Endowment Funds can benefit from your support and participation. Many of the 2012 Annual Meeting attendees have participated in this onsite event on behalf of their favorite Endowment Fund(s). Following the SOT 2012 Annual Meeting, the Society has arranged to donate the basketball hoops to The Ernest Ingold Clubhouse in the Haight/Asbury neighborhood. This event is sponsored by the Toxicologists of African Origin Special Interest Group.