Opportunities Exist to Become More Involved in SOT!!


By Marcia Lawson posted 11-03-2016 12:39


There are many ways to increase your participation in SOT by volunteering to help with programs and activities that are of particular interest to you by using the Volunteer Form. SOT Volunteers are the heart of the Society. Our strength is the result of the time and effort provided by SOT members at every stage of their career. You will need to login to the SOT website to access and complete the form.

SOT leadership reviews the volunteer submissions when selecting members for appointment or nomination to elected positions. You are encouraged to submit your preferences on the Volunteer Form by no later than Friday, November 11. To learn more about the SOT Elected and Appointed Committees, please visit the SOT website.

If you volunteered previously, you are aware that not every volunteer can be placed when and where requested. However, please indicate your interest on the Volunteer Form this year to reaffirm your willingness to serve. In addition, please contact the leadership of your Regional ChapterSpecial Interest Group, or Specialty Section to find out how you can become more involved in those groups.



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