Dr Brita Kilburg-Basnyat, PhD, DABT

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I am a Senior Scientist in Non-Clinical Safety Assessment. I monitor and design toxicology studies, author toxicology sections of IB/INDs, and participate in the overall design and lifecycle for preclinical drug development compounds.

In 2022-2023, I will be serving as a Councilor on the Midwest Regional Chapter and as Secretary/Treasurer for the Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section of SOT. I'm also a content editor for the Graduate Women in Science Empower newsletter.

I have previously served in various roles within the Society of Toxicology community including serving as a Councilor on the Postdoctoral Executive Board, participating in Chat with a Mentor, and presenting oral and poster presentations and co-chairing a session during the annual SOT meeting. I have also written two articles as a postdoctoral scholar for the SOT blog
Communique and have participated in other volunteer organizations as Vice President of the East Carolina University Postdoctoral Association and as President and Postdoctoral Board member of the Eastern North Carolina branch of Graduate Women in Science. These organizations focused on career development and developing volunteer opportunities for middle school girls (held once a year) to get involved in science. I have also assisted with fund raising activities and content development.

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