Dr Robyn Tanguay, PhD

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Robyn Tanguay received her BA in Biology from California State University-San Bernardino (1988) and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of California-Riverside (1995) and postdoctoral training in Developmental Toxicology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (96-99) with Dr. Richard Peterson. Her first Academic appointment was as an Assistant Professor in the School of Pharmacy at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. She was recruited to Oregon State University in 2003 as an Associate Professor. Robyn is now a University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology, the Director of the Oregon State University Superfund Research Program, Director of the Sinnhuber Aquatic Research Laboratory, and the Director of the OSU Pacific Northwest Center for Translational Environmental Health Research. She serves on a number of academic, commercial and federal advisory boards and is on the editorial board for several scientific journals. Over the past several years, she has pioneered the use of zebrafish as a toxicology model and recently developed automated high throughput instrumentation to accelerate phenotype discovery in zebrafish. A major focus in on identifying chemicals and mixtures that produce neurotoxicity. She uses phenotypic anchoring coupled with the inherent molecular and genetic advantages of zebrafish to define the mechanisms by which chemicals, drugs and nanoparticles interact with and adversely affect vertebrate development and function. She uses these tools to assist in the development of inherently safer chemicals and nanoparticles.
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