Dr Vijaykumar Kale, BVSc, MVSc, PhD, DABT, ERT

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Vijay is currently working as a Project Toxicologist at BMS. Prior to BMS, Vijay worked as Project Toxicologist at Amgen, Study Director at Battelle Memorial Institute, Ohio, and as a Study Director and Veterinary Clinical Pathologist at Zydus Research Center, Ahmedabad, India. He has more than 12 years of experience in drug safety evaluation. Vijay earned his Veterinary Medicine degree (BVSc & AH) from Bombay Veterinary College, masters in Veterinary Pathology (MVSc) from S.D. Agricultural University, India, and PhD in Molecular Toxicology from Penn State University, PA, USA. He has authored/co-authored 17 papers, several abstracts/posters, delivered oral presentations, served as session chairs and panelist at SOT meetings. Currently, Vijay is serving as Early Career Scientist Representative on the Board of Directors of FASEB and on ACT's Program Committee. He has served as a Councilor and Presidential chain of ASIO-SOT, Student Representative on Biotechnology Specialty Section of SOT, and co-editor of newsletters published by BTSS and ASIO-SOT. He was a member of Professional Development committee of Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC-SOT). He was also actively involved in graduate student leadership at Pennsylvania State University and served as international student representative on the student leadership. He has served as founding Vice President of Association of Indians at Hershey. He has been actively involved in formal-informal mentoring activities through SOT and outside SOT. He is the founder of non-profit initiative 'Mentor Yuva'  ( which works towards availing mentoring opportunities to the rural students in India.
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