Dr Darryl Hood, PhD

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Darryl B. Hood, Ph.D. is a nationally recognized environmental public health neuroscientist and environmental justice expert at the Ohio State University. After 20-years at Meharry Medical College, Dr. Hood continues his innovation in discovery as co-architect of the novel Public Health Exposome framework with Big Data to Knowledge analytics. Dr. Hood has assembled a well-conceived, functional multidisciplinary, community-based research stakeholder team to address disparate health outcomes in high-risk neighborhoods in Columbus, Ohio and around the US. He uses the Public Health Exposome framework to interrogate hypotheses focused on determining if there are associations between the built, natural and social environment and disparate health outcomes observed in vulnerable populations. The framework is extremely relevant during to the disparities that are being documented during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Hood is currently serving as Chair of the ECDC and Chair of the SIG-CG and he is a Past President of Toxicologists of African Origin (TAO).


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