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2020 Virtual Meeting Report: Insights on Successful Science Communication

The rise of digital media has inundated the average person with more information than they could ever possibly parse, and the proliferation of communication technologies has made disseminating misinformation easier than ever before. How, then, should scientists—a group of professionals not...

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Reflections on the 2020 Virtual Undergraduate Education Program

Although the Undergraduate Diversity Program (UDP) and Undergraduate Education Program (UEP) were both called off as a result of the SOT 2020 Annual Meeting cancellation, the Committee on Diversity Initiatives (CDI) redesigned the program to deliver some of the essential content virtually...

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Engage with the 2020 Virtual ToxExpo

Although the 2020 Virtual Meeting scientific program concluded on June 30, the Virtual ToxExpo continues to offer tools, services, and solutions for the toxicology community. The “Virtual Exhibitors” web page on the Annual Meeting website contains information and contact information for...

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SOT Concludes a Successful 2020 Virtual Meeting

With the final webinar held on June 30, SOT has concluded its 2020 Virtual Meeting sessions, marking a successful—if unanticipated—scientific program. This meeting was the result of much hard work on the part of the SOT leadership and member volunteers. Thank you to those who offered their time...

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Explore the Final Two Weeks of the Virtual Meeting Programming and Ongoing ToxExpo Virtual Exhibits and Recorded Sessions

Although the SOT Virtual Meeting is drawing to a close, there are still many Scientific Session and Continuing Education course webinars scheduled for this month. See the full meeting schedule to find and register for sessions that interest you. SOT is grateful to the Virtual Meeting...

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2020 Virtual Meeting Report: Toxicology with a Finer Grain

Single cell technologies can complement average measurements of a response determined through assessment of bulk cell populations. Different cells, tissues, and organs can respond to toxic exposures differently. Single cell technologies allow investigators to unmask this heterogeneity in...

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2020 SOT Annual Meeting Registration Refunds

I am pleased to announce that SOT has begun distributing refunds for 2020 Annual Meeting registrations. If you requested a registration refund using the Registration Request Form, you can expect to receive it no later than June 30; however, we hope to be able to deliver refunds sooner, if...

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2020 Virtual Meeting Report: Investigating the Importance of Developmental Exposure for PFAS Toxicity

PFAS chemicals have garnered substantial attention in recent years as more toxicity information is published and as regulations for PFAS are developed. Research on these chemicals was the focus of the Symposium “Developmental Toxicity of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS): Current In...

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Now Presenting: Virtual Exhibitor Recorded Sessions

I am pleased to announce that Exhibitor Recorded Sessions are now accessible on the Annual Meeting website. These recordings of Exhibitor-Hosted Sessions offer educational opportunities for toxicologists in an online format. You are encouraged to access these sessions to gain additional...

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2020 Virtual Meeting Report: Resolution of Inflammation Restores the Homeostasis of Injured Tissues

The Virtual Meeting Symposium on “Resolution of Inflammation in Chemical Toxicity/Tissue Injury: What’s Emerging?” was chaired by Kymberly Gowdy, PhD, Associate Professor at the Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, and co-chaired by Srikanth Nadadur, PhD, National Institute of Environmental...