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SOT Member Robert Kavlock Sammie Finalist—Cast Your Vote of Support

Society of Toxicology (SOT) member Robert Kavlock is a finalist for the Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medals, also known as the “Sammies.” Since 2002, these awards have been conferred in recognition of extraordinary federal service by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Partnership for Public...

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SOT Members Elected as Fellows of AAAS

Four Society of Toxicology (SOT) members have recently been elected as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The SOT members so honored are Robert J. Cousins, David C. Dorman, A. Wallace Hayes, and Matthew J. Doyle. This recognition is conferred to AAAS...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of November 16, 2014

Science headlines this week included new research on how mice genetic expression and genomes relate to those of humans, as well as research indicating that light may be skewing test results on nanoparticles’ health effects. SOT Members in the News “This is the first study to provide...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of November 9, 2014

This week, Politico covered the Society of Toxicology-US Food and Drug Administration (SOT-US FDA) colloquium on partially hydrogenated oils, while SOT members discussed a new mouse model that may accurately predict the range of human responses to chemical exposures and made recommendations...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of November 2, 2014

Mathematically determining exposure levels of chemicals, PCBs effects on cochlear function, PAH concentrations from salmon smoking, arsenic in well water, and mountaintop mining dust are highlighted this week. SOT Member Research John F. Wambaugh and Richard Judson , alongside colleagues,...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of October 26, 2014

Quantitative data for genetic toxicity assessments, safe Gulf shrimp, and a vaccine for nicotine addiction are the diverse research findings and activities being reported on this week. SOT Member Research A new international collaborative study led by George Johnson and featuring...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of October 19, 2014

Smoking during pregnancy, methylmercury’s affect on cardiovascular health, dust generated from mountaintop coal mining operations, and pediatric brain function are in the spotlight this week. SOT Member Research Smoking during pregnancy may cause newborn babies to have lower levels of...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of October 12, 2014

The National Academy of Sciences, with input from SOT members, released a new report that outlines a framework for selecting chemical alternatives, while other SOT Members discussed red tide, food packaging, and children’s brain activity. SOT Member Research The US Environmental...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of October 5, 2014

It’s Nobel Prize Week! While scientists globally were being honored for their work identifying the brain’s GPS and creating blue–light LEDs and super–resolved fluorescence microscopy, SOT members have been making some news of their own with research strides related to biofuel waste and carbon...

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Around the Interwebs—Week of September 28, 2014

Protecting the traditional food of native peoples was the focus of a new study and a news story this week featuring Society of Toxicology (SOT) members. SOT Member Research Among Canada’s First Nations, there is concern about the impact of environmental pollution on health—both directly...