The 2019–2020 Endowment Fund Annual Report Now Available

By Bruce Fowler posted 01-07-2021 16:01


SOT Endowmet Logo.png

The mission of the SOT Endowment Fund, which has been in existence for more than 10 years, is to assist in advancing the science of toxicology by providing financial support for the Society’s programs. We enable this mission through the generous contributions of SOT members and their families and friends. The mission is realized by funding awards and other programs that achieve the Society’s strategic objectives.

I am pleased to announce that the 2019–2020 Endowment Fund Annual Report is now available. The report demonstrates the Endowment Fund’s continued growth over the last fiscal year, the important ways students and other colleagues have benefited from your contributions, and the ways we use the Endowment Fund to create lasting impact for and by SOT.

Growth has occurred in both the SOT Mission Funds administered by Council and the Named Funds administered largely by various Component Groups within the Society. During fiscal year 2019–2020, the Endowment Fund Board approved one new Named Fund, the Hispanic Organization of Toxicologists Award Fund. This addition brought the total of Named Funds in the Endowment to 48. And despite the volatility of the market, the total value of the Endowment Funds grew to over $4.2 million!

As this report and the more detailed information on the “Endowment Fund” section of the SOT website demonstrate, your contributions are sustaining the growth of the Endowment Fund, and the proceeds of the fund are working for your intent. Please continue to contribute and to recruit others to join the fellowship by giving with you. The Endowment Fund is making a difference and supporting toxicology and our future leaders by advancing the strategic mission areas of the SOT.

On behalf of the Endowment Fund Board, thank you for your contributions!