Tox ShowDown: The Nashville Band Is Ready to Go

By Cynthia Rider posted 03-09-2023 15:35


Let’s be honest: by the time Tuesday rolls around during the SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo, you’ll need a break from all the hardcore sciencing (Continuing Education, Plenaries, Symposia, Workshops, Roundtables, yada yada yada). What better way to chill than spending 90 minutes watching your fellow SOT members match wits in the greatest toxicology-themed trivia challenge of all time?

The three teams are now in place:

Endocrine Disruptors
Prathyusha Bagam
Anastasia Freedman
Brent Gilbert

Free Radicals
Celeste Carberry
Brian Hughes
Colleen McLoughlin

Toxic Metabolites
Kristin Eccles
Jennifer Larson-Casey
Jim Luyendyk

Sure, these colleagues of yours may be able to expertly design and execute studies, churn out top-notch journal articles, or eloquently present the most complicated toxicological concepts, but do they know the poison of choice used by Lucrezia Borgia? Now, that’s knowledge!

Judy Zelikoff, serving again as this year’s Distinguished Judge, has assured us that she will accept no bribes (that can be traced, that is).

And to round out our cast of characters, there is our Crew, providing invaluable assistance in all aspects of the program: Virunya Bhat and AtLee Watson, plus Martha Malone of SOT—all honest and peace-loving people, as long as the stakes are low.

So, come for the SOT SWAG and cash bar but most of all for the general foolishness and mayhem. If you learn something too, hey, fodder for future awkward small-talk situations!

Mark the date, time, and place on your calendars (or better yet in the SOT Event App):

Tox ShowDown
Tuesday, March 21
7:30 pm–9:00 pm
Legends Ballroom G, Omni Nashville Hotel

We’re ready to go. Don’t miss it!