SOT Endowment Fund Disbursed $147,000 to Support Toxicology and Toxicologists in FY2021–2022

By Darrell Boverhof posted 01-05-2023 12:01


The mission of the SOT Endowment Fund, in existence for more than 15 years, is to assist in advancing the science of toxicology by providing financial support for the Society’s programs. We enable this mission through the generous contributions of SOT members and their families and friends. The mission is realized by funding awards and other programs that achieve the Society’s strategic objectives. I am pleased to present the 2021–2022 SOT Annual Report that demonstrates the Endowment Fund’s continued support of trainees and other colleagues and the ways that we use the Endowment Fund to create lasting impact for and by SOT.

The Endowment is investing in the future of our science and helping to support the advancement of the field of toxicology through long-term investments. The Endowment continues to support individuals and activities as we all move forward with our “return to normal” and advance toxicology through meaningful scientific interactions. The Endowment Fund Board is pleased to announce that during the past fiscal year, the Endowment Fund disbursed over $147,000 to support awards and initiatives of the Society that the funds help make possible. This included awards to more than 150 scientists, predominantly trainees, and support for several SOT programs. A new named fund also was established, the Eric A. Andreasen Award for Excellence in Research and Scholarship Fund, which recognizes outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral scholars and is administered by the SOT Pacific Northwest Regional Chapter.

As the Annual Report and the more detailed information on the SOT website demonstrate, your contributions are sustaining the growth of the Endowment Fund, and the proceeds of the fund are working for your intent. Please continue to contribute and to recruit others to join the fellowship by giving with you. The Endowment Fund is making a difference and supporting toxicology and our future leaders by advancing the strategic mission areas of the SOT.

On behalf of the Endowment Fund Board, thank you for your contributions!