Discover the Next Frontier of Toxicology, Tox at Home, and More through SOT TV 2024 Interviews and Features

By Dori Germolec posted 19 days ago


Did you miss 2024 SOT TV in Salt Lake City? Don’t worry! You can view the captivating interviews and features anytime through the SOT TV 2024 playlist on YouTube.

SOT TV offers a rich blend of interviews with Annual Meeting speakers, explorations of SOT programs, and insightful profiles of organizations driving toxicology forward.

You have two ways to immerse yourself in SOT TV content: watch the curated episodes or explore individual segments.

Major Themes Explored

This year SOT TV explored three different themes relating to toxicology for each episode.

  1. Episode 1: The Next Frontier of Toxicology—Focuses on all the amazing innovation that is coming out of toxicology and looks to the future to see what’s on the horizon. Featured topics include BioTech, machine learning applications, sex-specific toxicology differentials, and the transformative potential of AI.
  2. Episode 2: Toxicology and Climate Crisis—Delves into the role toxicologists play in understanding and mitigating the threat of climate change by looking into burn pit aerosols, ozone susceptibility, and environmental justice.
  3. Episode 3: Tox at Home—Explores how toxicology impacts our day-to-day lives through examinations of opioid-related toxicity, cannabis effects on reproduction, aspartame safety, and regulatory advancements in cosmetics.

Interviews with Meeting Speakers

  • Alexandra Noël, Associate Professor, Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences
  • Betina Lew, SOT Councilor and Head of Toxicology and Biocompatibility, Johnson & Johnson MedTech
  • Chris Gibson, Co-founder and CEO, Recursion
  • Chidozie Amuzie, SOT Councilor and Head, JLABS Canada, Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, and Anke Marije Tukker, SOT Postdoctoral Assembly Executive Board Chair and Postdoctoral Research Associate, Purdue University
  • Hugo Laviada-Molina, Profesor Investigador, Universidad Marista de Mérida
  • James Luyendyk, SOT Secretary and Professor, Michigan State University, and Kimberly Hodge-Bell, SOT Education and Career Development Committee Chair and Senior Fellow & Macromolecule Toxicology Lead, Bayer Crop Science
  • Kristin Eccles, Research Scientist, Health Canada
  • Lauren Aleksunes, SOT Councilor and Professor, in the Rutgers Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
  • Mansi Krishan, Biocompatibility Scientist, Meta Reality Labs
  • Marissa Smith, Research Scientist, University of Washington
  • Neelakanteswar Aluru, Associate Scientist, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Phoebe Stapleton, 2024 SOT Achievement Award recipient and Associate Professor, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  • Robyn Tanguay, SOT Councilor and Professor, Oregon State University
  • Samir Kelada, Associate Professor of Genetics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Zakiyah Henry, fifth-year PhD candidate, Joint Graduate Program in Toxicology, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Paid Profiles of Companies, Labs, and Organizations in Toxicology

  • The Mount Sinai Institute for Climate Change, Environmental Health & Exposomics—The Institute for Climate Change and Environmental Health in Exposomics at Mount Sinai is pioneering the cutting-edge field of exposomics.
  • LSU Superfund Research Program—The Louisiana State University Superfund Research Program is illuminating the challenges and dangers posed by environmental contaminants from Superfund sites.
  • The Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center—The Southern California Environmental Health Sciences Center stands at the forefront of innovative research, addressing the complex relationship between environmental exposures and major diseases.
  • DREAM Tech—In the cutting-edge domain of chemical safety and health risk assessments, DREAM Tech distinguishes itself as a pivotal player, blending biology with information technology.
  • The Wise Laboratory—Diving into the depths of environmental health, the Wise Laboratory stands at the forefront of groundbreaking research, unraveling the complex interactions between environmental chemicals, human health, animal health, and ecosystem stability.
  • The Patti Laboratory—The Patti Laboratory at Washington University in St Louis, alongside Panome Bio, is leading a bold initiative in cancer research, focusing squarely on the metabolic processes that fuel cancer growth and affect the body’s normal cells.
  • University of Washington EHMBRACE—The Environmental Health and Microbiome Research Center at the University of Washington delves deep into the nexus of environmental toxins and the microbiome, unveiling how invisible microbial companions modulate the body’s response to toxic exposures.
  • Existing Substances Risk Assessment Bureau, Health Canada—They are revolutionizing the field through a multifaceted strategy encompassing non-animal methods, computational models, transcriptome profiling, high-throughput phenotypic profiling, and organ-on-a-chip technologies.

Whether you’re a seasoned toxicologist or a curious mind, SOT TV 2024 offers a wealth of knowledge and perspectives in this field.