Call for Papers: Share Your Expertise with Toxicological Sciences

By Jeffrey Peters posted 09-14-2023 10:49


The primary focus of Toxicological Sciences, the official SOT journal, is to publish a wide spectrum of impactful research in toxicology, but the journal also enthusiastically welcomes and publishes influential reviews in various formats. ToxSci is inviting all SOT members and other experts to submit their insightful and timely reviews via one of three approaches:

  • Contemporary Reviews: These concise pieces provide expert analysis of crucial and emerging topics in toxicology. Offering readers a quick yet comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge subjects.

  • In-Depth Reviews: For those seeking to delve deeper into critical issues within toxicology, In-Depth Reviews are the ideal avenue. They offer a thorough and balanced exploration of significant topics, providing readers with a comprehensive perspective.

  • Systematic Reviews: With a predefined, multistep process, Systematic Reviews identify, select, critically assess, and synthesize evidence from scientific studies.

Visit the review articles collection to see the full breadth of review articles published in ToxSci.