Upcoming Deadline: STEP Award Provides Funding to Graduate Students for Training Apart from Their Degree Program

By Kathryn Page posted 05-12-2022 14:45


The next deadline for graduate students to submit applications for the SOT Supplemental Training for Education Program (STEP) is May 30, 2022.

A man is standing and speaking in front of individuals seated at long tables with binders in front of them.
A previous STEP awardee attended this
Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment
Dose-Response Assessment Boot Camp in April 2019.

Graduate students are encouraged to be creative in proposing an activity to pursue training in an identified area of professional/scientific development that is important to achieve career goals but outside the immediate scope of their graduate training and research program. This funding does not support activities to refine a dissertation project–specific technique or attendance at a professional society conference. Successful applicants make a strong case that the proposed activity will build their skill portfolio for a specific career track. Virtual activities are highly encouraged at this time.

The award reimburses costs of up to $1,000 to participate in the training program. The SOT Education and Career Development Committee administers this award in recognition of the diversity in preparation required for graduate students to enter the modern workforce. Awardees will provide a brief follow-up communication on the funded experience, which will help highlight their receipt of the award and the benefits of the experience to their graduate education.

Some of the previous awards have involved:

  • Risk assessment training
  • Topological Quantum Field Theories Master Class
  • Woods Hole Frontiers in Reproduction Short Course
  • Pharmacokinetic modeling
  • Mass spectrometry training

For the application, eligibility, and more examples of previous awards, visit the “Supplemental Training for Education Program” web page on the SOT website.