ToxSci August 2023 Issue Available

By Laurie Haws posted 08-03-2023 13:03


The August 2023 issue of Toxicological Sciences includes a Systematic Review that examines whether PFAS exposure during breastfeeding causes adverse effects, while an In-Depth Review highlights insights into PFAS toxicokinetics, toxicity and apical adverse health effects, and potential modes of action that were discovered by using a zebrafish model. There also are #ToxSpotlight articles on the evaluation of an in vitro rat airway epithelial model compared to a human one for acute inhalation toxicity testing and refining risk estimates for lead in drinking water based on the impact of genetics and diet on blood lead levels.


Other papers in the August 2023 issue (sorted by topic category) are:

Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology

A CRISPR-Cas9 Mutation in sox9b Long Intergenic Noncoding RNA (slincR) Affects Zebrafish Development, Behavior, and Regeneration

ATF6 Is a Critical Regulator of Cadmium-Mediated Apoptosis in Spermatocytes

Endocrine Toxicology

Coupling the H295R with Erα and AR U2OS CALUX Assays Enables Simultaneous Testing for Estrogenic, Anti-Androgenic, and Steroidogenic Modalities(open access)

Environmental Toxicology

Maternal PBDE Exposure Disrupts Gut Microbiome and Promotes Hepatic Proinflammatory Signaling in Humanized PXR-Transgenic Mouse Offspring over Time

Organ Specific Toxicology

Mechanistic Investigation of Liver Injury Induced by BMS-932481, an Experimental Ɣ-Secretase Modulator

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