Celebrating Exemplary Contributions to Toxicology: Nominate for the SOT Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award and Merit Award

By Marie Fortin posted 08-17-2023 10:53 AM


2023 SOT Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award
recipient Anumantha G. Kanthasamy, PhD (left),
with SOT Past President Michael Aschner, PhD, ATS (right)

Do you know a dedicated scientist who has spent their career pushing the boundaries of toxicology? The Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award and the Merit Award, both presented by SOT, celebrate those who have made substantial and seminal scientific achievements that contribute to the advancement of toxicological knowledge and research.


Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award

The Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award is a recognition of the profound impact an individual’s work has had on the science of toxicology. The central criterion for this award is scientific accomplishment, highlighting the depth and significance of the individual’s contributions. Recipients of this award receive a plaque that is presented at the SOT Awards Ceremony during the Annual Meeting. The award also comes with a cash stipend to acknowledge the recipient’s exceptional achievements. Moreover, the awardee will have the distinguished privilege of delivering the Distinguished Toxicology Scholar Award Lecture at the Annual Meeting, allowing them to share insights and discoveries with peers.


2023 SOT Merit Award recipient Lois D.
Lehman-McKeeman, PhD (left), with SOT Past
President Myrtle Davis, DVM, PhD, ATS (right)

Merit Award

The SOT Merit Award is presented to an SOT member who has made significant and substantial contributions to toxicology over the span of their entire career. This award recognizes excellence across various aspects of the field, showcasing a commitment to enhancing the understanding of toxicology. The honor includes a plaque, granted during the SOT Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony, along with a cash stipend. Furthermore, the recipient is granted the esteemed opportunity to deliver the Merit Award Lecture at the Annual Meeting. As a testament to the global impact of their work, the awardee also receives an invitation to give a lecture during the annual EUROTOX Congress.


Making a Nomination

Nominations for both awards close on October 9, 2023. The nominee must be an SOT Full member and actively engaged in toxicological research. The application should include a comprehensive curriculum vitae of the nominee, limited to a maximum of 10 pages, a letter of nomination from an SOT Full member, and a seconding letter from another Full member. The seconding letter also can be signed by multiple individuals or even attributed to an SOT Component Group, but the individuals merits will be weighed based on their accomplishments and not the number of letter signatories. Nomination letters should provide specific examples and documentation of the nominee’s scientific contributions, emphasizing their substantial and lasting impact on the field.

For more information on making a nomination, please review the “Awards Review Process and FAQs” web page of the SOT website. Please direct any inquiries to SOT Headquarters.

Preference will be given to nominees who have not received one of the following SOT awards in the past two years: Achievement, Arnold J. Lehman, Distinguished Toxicology Scholar, Education, Enhancement of Animal Welfare, Founders, Leading Edge in Basic Science, Merit, Public Communications, Toxicologist Mentoring, Translational Impact, Translational/Bridging Travel, and Undergraduate Educator Awards.