Recognize Excellence in Safety Evaluation and Toxicological Leadership by Nominating Individuals for SOT Awards

By Marie Fortin posted 09-07-2023 16:07



Do you know an individual who has significantly shaped the fields of safety evaluation, risk assessment, or regulatory toxicology? Here’s your chance to honor their exceptional contributions by nominating them for the Arnold J. Lehman Award and the Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology).


2023 Arnold J. Lehman Award recipient
Elaine M. Faustman, PhD, DABT, ATS (right) with
then-Treasurer Mary Gilbert, PhD (left)

Arnold J. Lehman Award

The Arnold J. Lehman Award honors those who have made a lasting impact on risk assessment and chemical agent regulation, including pharmaceuticals, by applying sound scientific principles and conducting influential research. This award includes a plaque presented at the SOT Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony and a cash stipend.

Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology)

The SOT Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership in Toxicology), which is supported by the SOT Endowment Fund, celebrates Full, Emeritus, or Retired Full members who have exhibited strong leadership in advancing toxicological sciences through the development and application of cutting-edge approaches that define safe exposure levels for humans with a high degree of confidence. This award comprises a plaque and cash stipend presented at the SOT Annual Meeting Awards Ceremony.

2023 Founders Award (for Outstanding Leadership
in Toxicology) Jon C. Cook, PhD, DABT, ATS (left)
with SOT President Dori Germolec (right)

Making a Nomination

Seize the opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have transformed the science of safety evaluation and demonstrated outstanding toxicological leadership. Nominations for either award should include both a primary and a secondary letter of nomination from Full members of the Society that provide in layman’s terms an analysis of the nominee’s significant contributions to toxicology and how they apply to the award criteria. The strongest nomination packages include two letters that are distinct from one another to offer more detailed support of the candidate’s qualifications. Letters of nomination should be specific and descriptive while remaining concise. The seconding letter can be signed by multiple individuals or even provided on behalf of an SOT Component Group. The Awards Committee will review only the two letters required to complete the nomination; no additional letters will be considered.

Nominations also should include the nominee’s up-to-date CV that is limited to 10 pages in length; it should highlight the candidate’s most significant professional accomplishments as they relate to the criteria for the award. Awards Committee members are required to review only 10 pages of each CV, so submitting a longer CV does not strengthen an award nomination.

The nomination deadline for both awards is October 9.

For more information on making a nomination, please review the “Awards Review Process and FAQs” web page of the SOT website. Please direct any inquiries to SOT Headquarters.

Let’s honor excellence together and acknowledge those who have truly made a difference in the fields of safety evaluation, risk assessment, and toxicological leadership.

Please note that to ensure a diversity of nominees, there is a two-year grace period for SOT Awards. Preference will be given to nominees who have not received one of the following SOT Awards in the past two years: Achievement, Arnold J. Lehman, Distinguished Toxicology Scholar, Education, Enhancement of Animal Welfare, Founders, Leading Edge in Basic Science, Merit, Public Communications, Toxicologist Mentoring, Translational Impact, Translational/Bridging Travel, and Undergraduate Educator Awards.