Horst Thiermann Is Receiving the 2024 SOT Translational Impact Award for Research in Diagnosing and Treating Exposure to Chemical Warfare Agents, Leading to Significant Advancements in Human Health

By Marie Fortin posted 24 days ago


This award recognizes a scientist whose recent (within the last 10 years) outstanding clinical, environmental health, or translational research has improved human and/or public health in an area of toxicological concern.

Horst Thiermann, PhD, is awarded the 2024 SOT Translational Impact Award for his research in the diagnosis and treatment of exposure to chemical warfare agents, notably organophosphorus toxicants and sulfur mustard, and the profound improvement in human health that has resulted from its translational use.


In the field of organophosphorus agent poisoning, Dr. Thiermann’s research has been highly influential in the diagnosis and management of nerve agent poisoning. His research has facilitated the development of point-of-care testing kits for bedside monitoring of humans exposed to these agents in an array of settings, leading to vastly improved health outcomes in this area of toxicological concern. In addition to these advances in clinical treatment, he also has proposed novel treatment strategies, including bioscavengers and receptor-active substances, to complement and improve upon existing therapeutic options.


Dr. Thiermann’s work on the diagnosis and treatment of chemical warfare agents exemplifies groundbreaking bench-to-bedside impact that has contributed to the detection of toxins, improved clinical treatment decision-making, and aided development of novel, targeted medical countermeasures. Given the prevalence of chemical weapons throughout the world, his research will continue to have translational impact for years to come.


As a preeminent expert in medical research on chemical warfare agents, Dr. Thiermann has led several international scientific efforts that advanced our understanding of the toxicological effects and treatments of chemical warfare agents. He is an organizer of the biennial Medical Chemical Defense Conference and a past president of the European Association of Poison Centres and Clinical Toxicologists. Dr. Thiermann also has worked extensively with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Human Factors and Medicine panels to translate medical chemical defense research into operational medical capabilities against chemical warfare agent threats.


A recognized expert in clinical toxicology, Dr. Thiermann was awarded the GT Toxicology Award of the Gesellschaft für Toxikologie (German Society for Toxicology [GT]) in 2021 for his dedication to translational toxicology. In addition to being an active research professor, Dr. Thiermann has co-authored more than 270 peer-reviewed publications and edited several book chapters.


For his exceptional translational research impacts on human health and his collaborative efforts to advance clinical toxicology, Dr. Thiermann is awarded the 2024 SOT Translational Impact Award.

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