SOT to Continue Partnership with WebsEdge to Produce SOT TV

By Myrtle Davis posted 12-09-2021 13:46


I am pleased to announce that SOT is once again partnering with WebsEdge to produce SOT TV in conjunction with the 2022 SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo.

For those unfamiliar with SOT TV, it provides a medium for insights on toxicology research, topics, and organizations, as well as spotlights on SOT initiatives. I encourage you to watch the 2021 SOT episodes and segments for interviews with SOT members, company features, and a look at some SOT programs.

As part of the 2022 Annual Meeting, a new episode of SOT TV will be broadcast daily on screens in the San Diego Convention Center and a dedicated television channel in select San Diego hotels. It also will be shared across the SOT communication channels, including social media.

WebsEdge will soon begin outreach to organizations to offer further details about SOT TV, as well as to seek their engagement in creating documentary-style reports about their institution and work to feature on the program. This is an exciting opportunity for institutions to share their story with the SOT audience. If your organization would like to explore being featuring in an SOT TV program, SOT Communications Director Michelle Werts can connect you with our WebsEdge contacts.